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Kids plush toys are a universal staple of any child’s bedroom. In fact, if a child has only one toy, it’s likely to be a stuffed animal. From baby shark plush singing toy to baby elephant soft toy to caterpillar stuffed toy to stuffed lion for baby, the plush doll for baby come in all shapes and sizes to suit nearly any taste. Even in an age of fancy LEGO sets and flashy electronic toys, stuffed animals haven’t lost their kid appeal.

Whether crushed by hugs, carried by the neck or made to sit for endless tea parties, plush toys will never stop being your child’s very best friend.
With their infinitely lovable faces and squeezable bodies, these toys make great loveys for little ones to cuddle for comfort.

Are you looking for cheap soft toys?

This collection offers our bestselling stuffed toys at a very low price your little ones will surely love.

Plush Elephant Toy & Pillow

Just like with any elephant, big ears are this playful baby elephant soft toy’s best feature. Your baby will love playing peekaboo with cute one.

Cute Dinosaur Plush Toys

Let’s go ! He’s there ! The nicest of the dino plush toy chosen by Shoplist is finally available for your little angel. The Dinosaur will face everything with its adventure partner. Smiling and fluffy, this soft toy will quickly become an essential companion for your child

Giant Shark Plush

This baby shark stuffed to is a realistic-looking plush shark measuring 7ft, with beautiful markings and realistic details.

Large Teddy Bear Plush Toy Lovely

This big and adorable and stuffed animal is so cuddly and soft that your kid will love to bury his/her head in the fluffy bunny belly. The Large Teddy Bear Plush is safe enough for your newborn and big enough for your toddler to snuggle up next to it. The ultra fluffy and soft exterior means your bundle of joy will enjoy the highest level of comfort and the durable construction of this big stuffed animal means they will last for many years.

Luminous Dog Plush

If you are looking for a safe toy your baby will enjoy using every day, the Luminous Dog Plush is a versatile option. Not only is it cheaper than trendy toys and video games, but its quality is also very admirable. Most kids will like its lifelike design and will enjoy playing with them indoors and outdoors.

Giant Plush Unicorn

Unicorns are always magical and one of the cutest unicorn you will find is the Giant Plush Unicorn. Not only are they colorful and bright but they will definitely capture your child’s heart.

If your child has a favorite animal, getting them that particular stuffed animal can make them happy. Just ensure the stuffed animal is safe for your baby – the attachment and the fabric used should not pose a risk to their safety. So check for any damages or tears to the stitching that could let out or reveal the small pieces of stuffing that your baby can put in their mouth.

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