Dog & cat toilet


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The indoor dog toilet is a silly idea, but one that could change the lives of many pet owners.

For owners who care about the well-being of their dog, they will buy this toilet for small dogs without hesitation. This dog litter has received several positive reviews thanks to its efficiency and practicality.

Your puppy does not like going out, this litter is perfect for his needs. To put in a calm place, it helps to teach the cleanliness to your puppy.

It is a simple, but effective litter that will be of great help to make your puppy understand the sense of cleanliness.

This dog toilet is easy to use and clean. It offers you and your small dog a clean environment.

The perforated grid allows the pee to flow into the pads below. No more wiping away soggy newspapers or tablets!

Thanks to the extremely easy to put on wall protection cover, your male dogs will be able to take care of their belongings without causing any damage.

Technical sheet :

  • Material: plastic
  • Size (M): 46 * 35 * 21cm (L * W * H)
  • Blue color
  • Applicable: dogs and cats
  • Net Weight 700 grams
  • Characteristics
  • -Ecological plastic
  • – Comes with a column
  • -Creative dam-board design
Dog & cat toilet


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