Embossing Starter Kit (HEAT GUN + EMBOSSING POWDER)


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Embossing has been around for decades and is commonly used to create a raised texture on paper craft and cards. Embossing is a very simple process to create a gorgeous result, involving inexpensive materials and tools. All you basically need is embossing glue, embossing powder and a heat gun. Our perfectly designed heat embossing starter kit melts color or clear embossing powder to enhance the look of your artwork.

Take your creativity to the next level with heat embossing kit – an amazing technique that adds dimension, texture and a professional finish.

1. Ink your card using the embossing powder kit.

2. Choose an embossing powder color and sprinkle generously over the wet ink.

3. Pour off the excess embossing powder (put back into embossing powder container to re-use) to expose your design. So magical!

4. Using the embossing heat gun, move slowly across your design to melt the embossing powder. This will create a raised, glossy or sparkly output. True magic!

Perfectly suited for for all media: things as hard as glass (be careful with the heat on glass when performing embossing), wood, mosaic, even resin, and of course on paper.

It includes:

  • Embossador.
  • Embossing powder gold color.
  • Wooden stamp with heart-shape.
  • Top Boss buffer Transparent Ink.

Features heat gun:

– Electrical apparatus for embossing
– Suitable for EVA foam, magical plastic Shrinkles or scrapbooking.
– Power: 300W
– Similar to a dryer but with different features. It produces no dust. Produces heat in order to meld materials. Should be applied 1.5″ to 2″ from work surface in order to avoid burns.
– Perfect for heating foam and thermo-forming.
– Especially suitable for embossing techniques, melts and fusing embossing powders with a glossy finish.
– Shortens drying time for projects using ink or mixed media.
– Reduces and hardens magic plastic without using an oven.

Embossing Starter Kit (HEAT GUN + EMBOSSING POWDER)

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