Nightlight Rabbit Lamp With Remote Control


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If you are looking for a gift that can both please the child and satisfy the parents, opt for this night light rabbit, it is just magic.

To combine the useful with the pleasant, we advise you to choose the one with remote control, it has a variety of colors, so a detail that all its importance.

LED lamp in the shape of a rabbit can serve as a night light, bedside lamp or table lamp.

In addition to its useful and bright side, this night light will make a beautiful object of decoration.

In a child’s room, she will make a beautiful decoration, very soft. It is available with without remote control.

Progressive adjustment of the LED lighting (thanks to a dimmer). No bulb to change, the LED board is expected to work for thousands of hours.

Technical sheet :

  • Material: polyethylene
  • Size: 14 * 14 * 28 cm
  • Power: 0-3 w
  • Emitting Color: Warm White / RGB
  • Input voltage: 5v USB Rechargeable
Nightlight Rabbit Lamp With Remote Control


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