Pain-free hair Removal Sponge


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Finally an effective and long-term hair removal without pain! Unlike the long cream to apply, the hair removal sponge can be used in a very short time, in the shower.

Unlike the razor which thickens the hair by cutting it flush, the sponge creates an abrasion which has two effects:

– The skin is much softer because it removes dead cells at the same time as the hairs,


– The hair does not itch when it grows back because it is much thinner!

This is why we recommend this sponge for painless hair removal. Just pass it over the area of ​​hair to be removed like an eraser and it will remove all the hair with a single movement without you feeling any pain.

Sexe: Femelle
Cosmétiques à Usage spécial: no
Odeur: Other
Ingrédient: Hair Removal
WT NET: 7.3x3cm

Pain-free hair Removal Sponge

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