Trendy Kangaroo Pocket Baby Carrier T-shirt


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The newborn baby is used to being snuggled under his mom’s heart in a cozy and warm environment. For him to feel relaxed and happy, he always wants to feel your love, warmth and heartbeat.

Nowadays, Kangaroo Pocket Baby Carrier T-Shirt is commonly used in maternity hospitals. This in order to gently accompany newborns in their arrival to the world. But why not continue after you leave maternity and during the first months of your little one? This kangaroo t-shirt baby carrier reassures that the baby is hearing the comforting beating of your heart and smells your fragrance at it keeps them against your loving chest. This allows him to gently adjust and respond behaviorally with the outside world.

This is a practical solution that will give you the possibility of continuing to benefit from trendy Kangaroo Pocket Baby Carrier T-Shirt for several weeks after the birth of your child. This T-shirt baby carrierĀ  will help you keep him close to you at all times, but you will still have your hands free to do other stuff around your home.

This stylish kangaroo t-shirt baby carrier is suitable for any seasons and whatever occasions. The comfortable fabric and trendy design make this tank top an easy summer “go-to” top and works well with all the layering that will occur in spring, fall and even can be worn under a sweater or a cardigan during winter.

This is a vital and essential piece for all new parents to have. We’ve got a mom’s and a dad’s, so you can all enjoy bonding with your sweet little one. It will also serve as a carrying harness to allow you to transport your baby safely at home and on the go.

It also gives your pregnant friend, sister, wife or daughter a perfect and wonderful present!

With a cozy pouch, let the Trendy Kangaroo Pocket Baby Carrier T-shirt to work for you! Thanks to the secure yet expandable pouch that creates an intimate swaddle right against the chest, mom can easily comfort and take care of her newborn baby. While the baby is sleeping, the head support flips up to hold the baby’s head and when not in use, it tucks back into the pouch just easily. This T-shirt baby carrier is intended to establish and strengthen mommy/baby bonding by encouraging them to actively live life closer.

Technical sheet :
  • Material: Cotton
  • Style: active
  • Sleeve length (cm): short
  • Shape: Solid
  • Item Type: T-Shirts
  • Product Category: T-shirt
  • Size: M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
Trendy Kangaroo Pocket Baby Carrier T-shirt

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