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Power Tube

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 A phone charger with JuiceSync App for battery analysis, diff alerts, selfie shutter and PowerPoint slide controller functions & more!

Power Tube 3000 weighs only 85g. It is a convenient and portable charger that best accompanies your everyday life! No extra cable is needed for charging and recharging; simply plug in to charge! 

We have also developed JuiceSync Smart App for easy battery monitoring and managementin terms of hours, percentage; battery temperature, battery location and distance. Moreover, supported by Bluetooth® 4.0 Smart technology, you can use Power Tube 3000 as,

  • A Selfie Shutter 
  • PowerPoint Slide Controller!

Be prepared and be in charge of your everyday life with Power Tube 3000!

JuiceSync App for Smart Monitoring 

JuiceSync App is definitely smart and caring. It provides a clear real time report of your Power Tube activity. Now, there is no reason to worry about carrying an empty charger any more! Download it for FREE from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Battery Status Anaylsis

JuiceSync App provides a detailed analysis of your battery and also allows you to connect up to 4 Power Tubes at a time as well as the Power Tubes used by your family.

Smart Alert Function

JuiceSync App is smart and loyal. It will notify you when your Power Tube is: 

  • On low battery, you will never forget to recharge it. 
  • Fully charged and it will always be ready to go out with you. 
  • More than 10 meters away, this way, you will never forget it at the restaurant. 
  • Too hot. You have to unplug it from your phone for safety.

Smart Control

If you have lost your Power Tube, you can easily find it by these smart control functions: 

1) Find Me

2) Track Me

3) Ring Me

  • Find Me – Imagine you have put your Power Tube in your messy working desk and you do not know where exactly it is. You can simply go to JuiceSync App on your phone and find your Power Tube according to the signal strength for the direction. 
Find Me Function
Find Me Function
  • Track Me – What if you have forgotten your Power Tube after meeting? Left it at client’s office? Or on the train? You can use the Track Me function of JuiceSync App to check where was the last seen place of your Power Tube. So you can go take it back. 

        Track me function is smart and helpful! While having Power Tube as your everyday companion, your personal belongings (i.e. handbag or schoolbag) last seen place can be tracked by checking your Power Tube last seen place. 

Tracking Function
Tracking Function
  • Ring Me – The other way round. Enjoying popcorn at a movie night on a cosy couch, you suddenly look for your phone and you do not know where you put it. Press and hold the button on Power Tube and your phone will ring. Then, you can easily locate your phone.

TWO Additional Functions of Power Tube 3000

1: Bluetooth® Selfie Shutter

Power Tube is not only a phone charger but a smart everyday companion. With Bluetooth®Smart technology, Power Tube 3000 is also a selfie shutter! Simply connect your Power Tube with your phone. Then, press your Power Tube twice and you can have your picture taken! It is easy and fun! Power Tube 3000 allows you to stay powerful and beautiful as always.

2: PowerPoint Slide Controller

We know that work life balance is important because this is exactly what we think too! As a smart powerful everyday life companion, Power Tube 3000 gives you support even for your presentation time! Connect Power Tube to your computer via Bluetooth® and then it is now a PowerPoint slide controller. No need to worry if you have forgotten your PowerPoint slide controller as Power Tube is always with you from now on.

Stylish Design & Award Winning Product

Power Tube is stylish. There are 5 color options you can choose from to fit your different needs. Bring it with you for formal meeting, family gathering, friends party and to school is also the best match.

Power Tube 3000 has won 2015 iF product design award. It is the innovation that mixes with design, creativity and care.

Ultra Portable Pocket Size 

It is ultra portable that only weighs 85g. Its pocket fit size make very handy. Imagine you are charging your phone but you need to use your phone at the same time. It is easy to hold both your phone and Power Tube together.

Know more about Power Tube 3000

Power Tube 3000 is a compact and all-in-one portable charger with built-in original Lightning connector for charging and male USB connector for recharging. Rather than logging into JuiceSync App, there is an indication light to show the battery level as well as the charging status.

  • 3000mAh

3000mAh battery capacity allows 1.5 times for iPhone 5s full charging and 1 time for iPhone 6. It is your immediate energy support so you will not miss any important moment!

  • Built-in Charging Cable (Lighting OR Micro-usb)

Built-in Lightning cable (OR Micro-usb cable) eliminates your concern of missing cable! Simply plug into your phone for charging at anytime anywhere!

  • Built-in USB for Recharging 

Built-in USB connector makes recharging convenient and easy! When the Power Tube battery level is low, plug it into power supply and there is it!