Anti Glare Driving Glasses


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These magic glasses have been specially designed for use in the car. They are said to be active, and dedicated to drivers for whom night driving is a nightmare due, among other things, to the glare caused by the headlights of other cars.

To drive safely at night, anti-glare glasses are perfect for countering the different rays of light to which we may be exposed: glare or brief blindness that can result over short periods of time when we no longer see the road properly, and can cause accidents.

Hyper powerful Xenon headlights, truck traffic, reduced contrasts… When you drive at night, your vision is less precise.

The eye needs more time to get used to the sometimes sudden variations in brightness and to perceive the reliefs. So at night, your reflexes may be worse, and driving is more tiring.

Our night-time driving glasses optimize contrasts and reduce glare. You are simply safer.

Benefits :

Less glare
Less eye strain,
More contrasts,
Better night vision, cloudy, rainy or foggy days
Night Driving Glasses Less Glare More Safety

Characteristics :

Lens width: 68mm
Lens height: 38mm
Lenses: Polarized
Protection: UV400
Weight: 78g
Dimensions: 142mm x 130mm x 38mm

Anti Glare Driving Glasses

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