Face Mouth Anti Virus Mask


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This anit-virus mask is recommended by certain health professionals, it protects well and can be used inside and outside.

The spread of Covid 19 requires wearing a suitable respiratory protection mask. It is essential to protect the respiratory tract in such conditions

This three-ply mask has two elastic bands on the side providing very good support during use.

It is a device whose purpose is to protect the wearer’s environment from the risks of contamination by transmissible infectious agents

It is personal protective equipment that filters the air inspired by the wearer. This anit-virus mask sold in lots of 10,20, 50 and 100

Technical sheet :

  • Size: one size
  • Feature: Anti Virus, anti-dust
  • Quantity: sold by lot
Face Mouth Anti Virus Mask

Additional information


10 PCS, 20 PCS, 50 PCS, 100 PCS


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