Car Engine Cleaner


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A lot of dirt like grease, oil or dust can degrade your car engine. To remedy this, use the Engine Cleaner.

This powerful non-solvent degreaser has a wetting and detergent power, eliminating grease, sludge, oils and all organic substances that can be found on metals.


It is used for the exterior maintenance of petrol or diesel engines of any vehicle or machine.


It has an exceptional degreasing power, as well as a strong wetting and detergent power.

It does not attack metals, rubber, paints, plastics, windows, nylon sheeting, fabrics, etc.

Easy to use, you just have to dilute it in water to be able to clean your car engine properly.

Technical sheet :

  • Type: engine cleaner
  • Capacity: 20ml
  • Net Weight: 30g
  • Color: as the picture show
  • Size: 5 * 5 * 3cm
Car Engine Cleaner


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