Pregnant Car Seat Belt Adjuster


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A road accident is unpredictable and sudden. You cannot afford not to wear a seat belt for 9 months.

However, it is just as dangerous to wear a belt “conventionally” for a pregnant woman.

With this belt, don’t be afraid to drive anymore thinking that you can hurt your baby …

Most drivers believe that a standard seat belt is as safe for a pregnant woman as it is for a non-pregnant woman. Which is wrong !

Some experts say that the fetus can be injured by brutal shocks concentrated in the area where the seat belt is located.

The seat belt will no longer “stick” to your belly, but will pass over your thighs. Which will be much more comfortable.

Thanks to this adapter, you will be more present in your driving, not having your attention on your belly.

Technical sheet :

  • Item Type: Seat Belts
  • Item Width: 10cm
  • Product weight: 0,35 kg
  • Material Type: ABS + PPC
  • Item Length 21cm
Pregnant Car Seat Belt Adjuster

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